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Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)

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  • Overview

We will take your claim forward on a No Win, No Fee basis by entering into a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) with you.

This means that in the event that we win your case, we will recover our fees and expenses from the other party or parties.

In exchange for taking the risk that we may not be paid if the claim is not successful, we are entitled under the terms of our CFA to claim a success fee from you to be paid from any damages recovered.

You may already have a legal expense insurance policy in place to provide cover for you in the event that any claim is unsuccessful. If not, we are currently investigating a number of appropriate litigation funding and insurance options for our clients. After The Event insurance (ATE) normally provides indemnity cover to reduce the risks of costs exposure (including any funding provided) to clients involved in litigation. The premium for such a policy is normally only payable if the case is successful and the cost of it shared amongst each of the claimants involved in the action, as a deduction from any damages recovered.

Our First Response Team will be able to take you through the key features of the CFA as a funding agreement and will address any questions you may have.