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Enterprise House

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  • Overview

Investors in the Enterprise House development in Leicester were advised by a number of firms of solicitors. One of those firms was Wilsons Solicitors.  They relied on Northern and Western Insurance Company, based on the Caribbean island of Nevis, to provide the security of a deposit bond for their clients.

However, following the failure of the developer whose work NWIC was supposed to guarantee, the collapse of Northern and Western Insurance Company themselves, a company that was unrated and unregulated in the UK, has left these investors high and dry.

We are already representing a significant number of clients who have lost their deposit on this development and would like to hear from other investors who have been affected by this issue. 

We are hard at work pushing forward these cases to the next level to obtain justice for our clients and we have already made significant progress.  We are in daily contact with the appropriate solicitors, insurers, administrators and liquidators, demanding information to help us further a claim of professional negligence against our clients’ legal advisors.

Our investigations into the case and the various parties involved are continuing and we are preparing for the possibility of a Group Litigation Order being made in due course.  See our FAQ section for further details.