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Your Legal Friend, guiding you through industrial disease claims

2nd October 2014

Your Legal Friend has a specialist department who deal with industrial disease cases, where the client has been exposed to something in the work place over a long period of time.

We ensure that the cases are dealt with properly and efficiently.  We’re very thorough with the information that we do obtain to ensure that, if the client does have a case, then we can deal with it in the best way possible for them.

There are a lot of different types of claims that would fall into industrial disease.  The most common cases that we do deal with are: asbestos, vibration white finger, stress claims, repetitive strain injuries, dermatitis claims, and occupational asthma cases.  It is really anything where you have been exposed over a long period of time rather than a set accident date or one-off incident.

There are two aspects to the compensation:  there’s the pain and loss of amenity which is for the injury and then there is the financial loss side, which is for the loss of earnings because they can’t work anymore, or whether it is further treatment or therapy they need.

We aim to achieve a successful outcome for the client as quickly as possible. A successful outcome would mean a number of different things.  It will be that we’ve been successful against the employers, so we’ve been able to prove that they were negligent, so we’ve been able to obtain that compensation for the client.  Also because they have received that compensation, they’ll be able to get on with and deal with their lives, whether that’s through the treatments or being compensated for no longer being able to work.

The team are dedicated.  We will ensure that we will do everything that we can.  We will go that extra mile for the client to ensure that we do get a good result.