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Your Legal Friend, Guiding You Through Employer’s Liability and Public Liability

2nd October 2014

Employers Liability is the duty owed by the employer to any of their employees during the course of their employment. That duty will stretch from making sure that they are safe in their working environment, and that they’re safe with any equipment they are provided with in order to carry out their job.

You employer has a duty to ensure that anything they provide you with or expect you to use in order to do your job is safe and will not endanger your health in any way. If that is not safe and you are injured, then your employer is liable.

Public Liability is essential split into two different types. Public Liability involves slips or trips, and injuries on the public highway.  There’s also the Occupiers Liability side which is the due to the owners of any private premises to any lawful visitors, which essentially means any shops, cinemas, schools, any building that you are invited into by the owner of that building.

We are aiming to advise you as to whether we think that you have a course of action against either your employer or the owner of that public place where your accident happened. We then want to advise you that we can deal with that, whether that be us making the claim on your behalf or just advising you generally as to your options.

We hope to give people the right advice and that people make their own decisions as to whether they want to make a clam or not.  If they do, then it’s our job to make sure that claim is progressed as quickly as possible and with the best results possible.

If you think you’ve got a claim, then give us a call and we’re happy to you through what’s involved in making a claim, whether you do in fact have a claim, or what your other options may be. We’ll always fight for the best result that we can get.  If we have to go to court and fight that for you, then so be it.  That’s what we do.