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Understanding Medical Negligence

20th November 2013

Hi I am Sara Stanger, a senior solicitor at Your Legal Friend. Medical negligence goes beyond the trauma of a botched operation and it can affect a patient’s life and livelihood, sometimes forever.

People trust the medical profession and when that trust is broken the consequences can be devastating.

There are two routes that a patient can go down when they feel they have suffered poor treatment from the NHS.

The first opinion is that they can make a complaint directly to the NHS. This can result in an explanation, and in rare cases an apology, but no financial compensation. And the second option would be to seek a specialist solicitor. Ask for a free consultation, which is something we offer here at Your Legal Friend. We will be able to assess the legitimacy of the claim and see whether it is a mistake or a genuine case.

Our medical professionals do a fantastic job and, in the UK, we have a health care system that we can be justifiable proud of. That is why it is even more important we address the circumstances where standards fall below what should be expected, so that these mistakes aren’t perpetuated.

To summarise what we have been talking about, patients deserve to receive a high quality of care from their NHS professionals. If you believe you have suffered poor treatment, you can make a complaint to the NHS directly. Or you can consult a specialist solicitor and, as a result of that, you can get financial compensation. If the case is successful, you may go some way in helping to raise the standards in the NHS and hopefully putting you back in the position you were in, as far as possible, before the negligence.