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Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Guiding you through a claim for compensation

7th September 2015

What Is noise-induced hearing loss?

We might expect that our hearing will deteriorate as we get older. But if you’ve worked in a noisy environment over a period of time, it may well be that exposure to excessive noise has caused part of the hearing loss that you’ve started to notice in later years.

What types of jobs cause noise induced-hearing loss?

Jobs that have tended to cause hearing loss are usually those in heavy or light engineering, in the textile trade, in construction, on railways, and ship building.

Can I claim for my hearing loss?

You can claim for noise-induced hearing loss against any employer who exposed you to noise in negligent circumstances, or was in breach of taking care of you by not providing you with hearing protection, by failing to monitor you through occupational health or failing to monitor noise levels.  In these circumstances, you may have a claim against the company.

What if I worked for more than one employer?

If you worked with more than one employer, you should make a claim against each of those companies who expose you to excessive noise.  If your claims in successful, all of the companies will pay compensation to you based on their share of the negligent noise exposure.

They have no responsibility to pay you for the age-related element of your overall hearing loss, only the loss associated with the negligent exposure to noise.

How do I prove that?

Here at Your Legal Friend we will talk to you about your work history and also your exposure history. We’ll submit a claim to each of the employers that exposed you to noise in negligent circumstances.

We will obtain medical evidence to help prove how much of your overall hearing loss has been caused by noise, and how much is caused by age. Remember, it is only the noise-related element of your hearing loss that is included in a claim for compensation.

Are there time limits that apply?

Any claimant has 3 years in which to bring a claim, from the date that they knew or ought to have known that they have a significant hearing loss that may have been caused by exposure to excessive noise in negligent circumstances.  The time limits are strict and you should always seek a specialist legal opinion so that you can be properly advised about that.

Will it cost me anything to make a claim?

Here at Your Legal Friend we’ll advise you on a No Win, No Fee basis.  Our initial consultation is free of charge in any event and we will always explain our funding terms and conditions to you at the outset so you’ve no surprises at all throughout the claim.

What can I claim for?

You’ll be able to claim compensation for noise-induced hearing loss that you have and also for any tinnitus conditions that may have been diagnosed such as the hissing or buzzing in your ears that is sometimes associated with noise exposure. 

You’ll also be able to claim compensation for losses and expenses associated with those conditions and you can also claim the cost of any future hearing aids if recommended by your treating consultant.

Remember that any reward of compensation will be divided between those companies who exposed you to noise in negligent circumstances, and it’s important therefore to get specialist help with such a claim.