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Manual Handling Accidents – Guiding you through a claim for compensation

7th September 2015

What is manual handling?

A manual handling task is any activity that requires you to lift, carry or support a load in work. An employer has to risk assess any manual handling task and reduce the risk of injury to the lowest practical level.

This might mean that, if a manual handling task can’t be avoided, then a risk assessment should be carried out in respect of that task and steps put in place to reduce the risk of injury.

This might mean providing you with a trolley to move a load from one place to another, or making the job a two man job as opposed to you carrying out that task alone.

What type of job might require this kind of work?

Manual handling tasks occur in just about every conceivable work place.  Your employer has a duty to risk access it and to keep you safe from harm at work.

What sort of injuries usually occur?

Manual handling tasks typically cause back injuries, particularly if the work is excessive or repetitive. Hernias are also common, as are strains and sprains, but also if you’re carrying loads and you drop them because of an unsafe work practice, then injuries to your feet and crushed toes can also occur. 

Can I make a claim?

You can make a claim for compensation if you have been carrying out a manual handling task at work and have been injured as a result. If your employer has failed to risk assess that task or failed to put in place preventative measures to guard against the risk of injury, then it is likely that they have been negligent or breached a duty in respect of your health and welfare.

If you can prove that your employer was negligent, then you will also need to prove that your injury was caused as a result of that negligence. 

Please make sure you report the accident in the Accident Book, and you should always see medical attention from your GP or from hospital. 

Do time limits apply?

Any claimant has 3 years in which to bring a claim, from the date of accident and injury. You should seek a specialist legal opinion so that we can advise you about all the evidence that we need to help win and prove your claim.

Will it cost me anything to make a claim?

Here at Your Legal Friend we advise you on a No Win, No Fee basis.  Our initial consultation is free in any event and we’ll always advice of our funding terms and conditions at the outset so that we can be certain that you’ll have no surprises.