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Construction site accidents – Guiding you through a claim for compensation

4th September 2015

What are the main types of accidents on construction sites?

Many people are injured in the construction industry when they fall from height, for example they may be working up ladders or scaffolding. Injuries associated from falls from height can be quite wide ranging, anything from cuts and bruises to strains and sprains or broken bones, head injuries to catastrophic injuries.

Some falls from height can tragically result in death where the impact on family members is of course devastating. About 34% of on the job deaths happen this way.

Slips and trips are also common, caused by stray tools and equipment, and holes in the ground, or other hazards lying around.

Electrocutions, fires and explosions are also common because construction sites are works in progress and often there is loose wiring, unfinished piping and leaking gases.

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, you may have a claim against either the employer or the contractor. Your employer or contractor has a duty to look after your health, safety and welfare, and if they fail to carry out risk assessments, fail to carry out training, or fail to provide protective equipment, and made you unsafe at work, then you may have a claim against them.

If you’re an employed contractor working on the site of another, the person responsible for your health and safety and welfare will be your own employer, but additionally the contractor upon whose site you are working will also have a duty to look after you and keep you safe.

How can I claim?

If you can show that your employer or contractor was negligent, then you need also to prove that your condition or injury was a result of that negligence.

You should make sure that the accident is recorded in the Accident Book at work, reported to the supervisor or foreman on the construction site, and you should also see your GP for medical attention.

We can help you with a claim by obtaining medical records and also occupational health records.  We’ll also obtain medical report to confirm that your injuries have been caused as a direct result of negligence in work.

Do time limits apply?

Any claimant has 3 years from the date of the accident in order to bring a claim.  You should always make sure you consult specialist solicitors so that we can advise you about all the evidence we need in order to make your claim successful.

Will it cost me anything to make a claim?

Here at Your Legal Friend we’ll advise you on a No Win,  No Fee basis.  Our initial consultation is free of charge in any event and we will always discuss our terms and conditions with you right from the outset so that you never need worry about any surprises.

How much will I receive?

You should be able to claim compensation for the injuries you’ve received, both physical and any psychological injuries as a result of everything you’ve been through.

The award for compensation for your injuries will be based on the medical evidence we receive in relation to your case and we’ll also look to claim financial losses for you both past and in the future. We’ll compile a schedule of financial loss, so it is helpful if you can keep receipts for things like travel or medical expenses, but we’ll also look to loss of earnings, both past and in future, if you’re not able to work straight away.

And we’ll include the cost of care provided by friends and family for doing things for you that you are unable to do yourself as a direct result of the injuries you’ve suffered.