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Cancer - Guiding you through a medical negligence claim

13th April 2015

Most people know someone who is suffering or has suffered from cancer. That diagnosis on its own is devastating and is made worse if you feel you haven’t received the treatment that you needed to make the best possible recovery.

We’ve worked with people who have suffered from all types of cancer, for example bowel, breast, bladder, and lung, so our aim is to get you the most compensation in the shortest period of time, so that you can get on with your life.

The sort of things I have experienced as a medical negligence lawyer is a delay in diagnosing cancer, from misreading or misinterpreting scans, failing to clear the outside of the tumour, or loss to follow up.

To prove a medical negligence case in cancer, we need to prove firstly that you have suffered a delay or a misdiagnosis and secondly that you would have had a better outcome if you were treated earlier.

So, if you or a member of your family has suffered, even if that member of your family has died, we will be able to help bringing a successful medical negligence case.