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Brain Injuries – Guiding you through a medical negligence claim

24th April 2015

A brain injury can occur when nobody is at fault and can also arise at the fault of another.  This may be due to a road traffic accident or an accident at work, but also because of medical negligence.

As a clinical negligence solicitor, I have seen brain injuries due lack of oxygen to the brain, failure to treat blood collections, or haemorrhages and infections. The most common type of medical accident which results in a brain injury is an injury to a child in utero, so before they are born.  The baby suffers a catastrophic brain injury due to lack of oxygen or maybe diagnosed with something like cerebral palsy as a result.

Another common area of medical accident that results in brain injury would be circulatory collapse, which may be the result of a heart attack or during an anesthetic. In addition you may encounter a brain injury due to failed diagnosis and the treating of an infection. One type of infection, which is very widely seen, is meningitis.  If meningitis isn’t picked up quickly and treated properly it can cause a catastrophic brain injury.

If an adult suffers a brain injury, it may mean that they are unable to work.  It may also be that they are unable to provide care for their family and in fact they themselves become dependent and need support in order to do the basic of functions.

If there is a brain injury caused to a child, that child may have a shortened life expectancy and may never gain their independence or live the life its parents had hoped for.

When somebody has had a brain injury, they could have very obvious disability but they may also have very subtle symptoms..So it is important that people who have had a brain injury take specialist legal advice, because it is easy to miss those subtle symptoms of brain injury, and it is not until you get to know them well that you realise that they are not able to do the things that they used to be able to do, they have lower levels of cognitive function, or they find it difficult to deal with social situations.

At Your Legal Friend, we have many years of experience acting for people who have suffered a brain injury as a result of medical negligence. Personally, I’ve been a medical negligence lawyer for 17 years, so I have successfully concluded on such claims, therefore I recognise how important it is for people who have suffered a brain injury to have access to particular support such as rehabilitation, case management, care, and very specific aids and equipment to enable them to regain their independence.

At Your Legal Friend we recognise that bringing a medical negligence claim can be very emotionally draining, particularly if you or a member of your family has suffered a catastrophic brain injury, so we will do our best to ensure that we deal with the case as swiftly as possible and ensure that the claimant gets the compensation they are entitled to, so they and their their family can get their lives back on track.