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Amputations – Guiding you through a medical negligence claim

24th April 2015

In the UK about 6,000 people undergo amputation of a major limb each year, and whilst the majority of these arise out of traumatic accidents, an increasing number occur as a result of medical negligence, and this can affect both the old and vulnerable and the young and healthy.

We act for people who have suffered an amputation as a result of a medical accident and this can happen in all types of medical disciplines. Commonly, it occurs if there has been an orthopaedic injury that has been mistreated or if the patient has poor circulation and hasn’t been properly recognised.  It may be they have developed an infection, which hasn’t been properly controlled, or if they’ve had a delay in diagnosing cancer.

Some patients who have suffered amputations have done so because they were particular vulnerable.  They may have been old or fragile and developed injuries such as pressure sores. Just because they are vulnerable to amputations doesn’t mean that their amputation may not have arisen as a result of medical negligence.

When a patient decides to bring a medical negligence claim, and this can be a very emotional decision, they are looking to be put back into the position that they would have been in before.

We at Your Legal Friend will do our best to ensure that they receive the best compensation, to which they are entitled, as swiftly as possible so that they can get on with their lives.

At Your Legal Friend, we have acted for a number of amputees.  As a result of this, we know that a person who has suffered an amputation requires specialist legal advice. I have 17 years’ experience in clinical negligence and have acted for a number of amputees, both young and old, so I know the sort of help and assistance that is required in order to regain your independence, whether this be prosthetic equipment or wheelchairs and any adaptations you may need for your accommodation.

If you’re not able to work as a result of your amputation or if you need extra help at work to do your job because you’ve had an amputation, we can factor this into the compensation that you can claim.

Every patient has the right to receive proper medical treatment and if you have suffered an injury, in particular an amputation, as result of what you believe was sub-standard medical treatment, you can contact us at Your Legal Friend.  We will ask you a number of questions to determine whether we think that, at the outset, you have a medical negligence claim, and if you do, we will be happy to help.