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The British Health Report 2015

Here at Your Legal Friend we commissioned the British Health Report to uncover what the professionals and the public really think about the NHS. The British Health Report asked fundamental questions about how safe patients feel in the care of the NHS and investigated issues such as attitudes to private health and what the public and professionals really feel about proposals to allow GP appointments 7 days a week. Our survey was undertaken by an independent research agency and involved 1,300 members of the public and 400 medical professionals. The answers revealed in this ground breaking report shine a spotlight on the way the NHS is today, both for those who work in it and those who are its customers.

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The Future of the NHS

In Chapter 5 of The British Health Report 2015, Your Legal Friend asked about public and medical professionals' thoughts on the future of the NHS. 

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The NHS postcode lottery: fact or fiction?

Your Legal Friend investigated whether medical professionals and the public believe there is a healthcare postcode lottery...

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How important is the NHS when you vote?

Over 90% of the British public take the National Health Service (NHS) into consideration when voting and over a quarter say it is their top priority, new research has found...

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NHS in Crisis: Is the UK Healthcare service at breaking point?

Over 90% of medical professionals have concerns about the standard of treatment offered by the National Health Service (NHS)...

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