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Parents Seek Investigation Into Hospital Cover Up Of Fatal Birth Errors

Hosital wristband on newborn baby
29th April 2015

A fatal mistake in the way a baby boy was delivered, which caused brain damage and death one hour after birth has led to calls for an independent enquiry by the parents amidst accusations of a hospital ‘cover up.’

When the baby’s head became stuck during a Caesarean delivery, a junior surgeon first used their hands to try and free the trapped infant. According to the inquest report, the doctor – who later claimed to be ‘unsupervised’ – then resorted to using forceps in an ‘unorthodox and unacceptable’ way to deliver the baby boy.

The coroner also noted in his report that the hospital surgeons had also ‘neglected to make a full note of the circumstances’. It was also found that a doctor ‘was advised to amend the caesarean pro forma (document provided prior to the birth procedure), to include the fact that forceps were used’. However, the doctor was ‘dissuaded from doing so by senior management as a result of concerns as to how this would be perceived’.

Preventable events...

In a statement, the father said that the hospital Trust had failed to investigate his son’s death on numerous occasions, which he felt had unnecessarily prolonged the inquest to more than 15 months, and does not accept the trust’s “failure to be honest..(and) to act.”

In his view, their newly born child, “was killed through preventable events at the hands of a registrar who took it upon herself to attempt multiple unorthodox, dangerous and unacceptable procedures to delivery him directly resulting in his death.”
The parents now seek an independent investigation into the circumstances of their son’s death. Voicing their deep concern that “the Trust may have a history of these systematic failures” the aim is ensure that the “appropriate action is taken to hold those at fault accountable for their actions” and to send a message that “this kind of disregard for investigating serious deaths is not acceptable.”