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‘Lethal mix of failures’ Concludes Investigation into Baby Death Inquiry

Newborn baby
13th March 2015

An investigation into the deaths of 11 babies and 1 mother at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust has blamed a ‘lethal mix of failures’ for the deaths, spanning from 2004 to 2013 at Furness General Hospital.

The independent report found problems ‘at almost every level, from labour ward to the headquarters of national bodies’ and ‘at least seven opportunities to intervene were missed.’

Pearse Butler, Chair of the Morecambe Bay Trust has said: ‘I apologise unreservedly to the families concerned. I am deeply sorry that so many people have suffered.’ In reaction to the report, the Trust advised that they have a new leadership team in place and that extra staff have been taken on.

The impact on the families involved can only be described as catastrophic. In particular, there has been news coverage of a young girl, Ayla Ellison, who suffered severe brain damage following her traumatic birth at Furness General Hospital in April 2007. As a result of negligence admitted by the Trust, Ayla is entirely immobile and dependent on feeding through a tube. She also suffers muscle spasms which can lead to her ‘screaming inconsolably at the top of her voice for hours.’

Ayla has been awarded £1.6 million for a new family home in Richmond which will be adapted for her needs, including a hydrotherapy pool, a lump sum payment of £295,000 for her pain, suffering and disability and will receive annual payments for the rest of her life starting at £225,000 and increasing to £290,000 when she reaches 18 for care.

Here at Your Legal Friend, our dedicated Clinical Negligence Team is experienced in helping families such as Ayla’s. Laura Morgan who heads up our team has acted for many severely brain injured children and recovered multi million pound settlements on their behalf.

We also have experience in representing bereaved families who sadly have not been able to take their babies home.

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