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Four Figure Settlement For Hospital Lack Of Care

NHS sign on the side of a hospital
24th September 2014

A hospital in Lancashire has admitted the lack of care provided to a grandmother suffering with Parkinson’s disease was “not what the patient and her family were entitled to expected”. Tragically, the woman died two months after being admitted to hospital. A legal claim was sought over the treatment provided and a four-figure settlement agreed with the daughter.

She said that when admitted to hospital, her mother, aged 79, had a minor pressure ulcer but this developed into a severe bed sore followed by another six ulcers. As a result of the failure by the hospital to provide a special pressure relief mattress and neglect by the staff to regularly alter her resting position in bed, the hospital had allowed more sores to develop.

“Loss of dignity”

It was claimed that a surgical procedure had been unnecessary, and the daughter also alleged “a loss of dignity” throughout the duration of her mother’s stay in hospital. On  a number of occasions the family had found the grandmother undressed in a soiled bed. There were also concerns over a feeding tube incorrectly attached to the abdomen and the adequacy of pain control monitoring.

According to the daughter, “It was stressful enough dealing with the emotional strain of a sick mother, without the added worry about her physical wellbeing, a lack of adequate pain management and a loss of dignity for the duration of her stay.

“It was clear to me from the outset that mum was not getting the proactive support she desperately needed from the nursing and medical teams.”

A chief nurse for the hospital said, “We recognise that, regrettably, certain aspects of the care did not meet the high standards that we aim to achieve and were below the standard that she and her family were entitled to expect. We are sincerely sorry that this happened and will learn from this.”