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Your Legal Friend comments on the Ministry of Justice’s deferral on raising the small claims court limit

Man holding his neck in pain
24th October 2013

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed a set of measures to help combat whiplash claims and reduce the cost of motor insurance premiums. These measures include:

  • Deferring the decision to raise the small claims court limit
  • Introducing an independent medical panel to assess whiplash claims

Phil Waters, Solicitor at Your Legal Friend, comments:

 “The Ministry of Justice’s decision to defer raising the small claims court limit will ensure all innocent personal injury victims are given greater access to justice. We will continue to argue on behalf of innocent victims whose access to justice is threatened and work with the Ministry of Justice, as today’s measures are introduced, to ensure this.

“The establishment of an independent medical panel to assess whiplash claims is an important step in ensuring all road traffic accident victims have a fair assessment of their injuries. This will help stamp out fraudulent or exaggerated claims and put an end to the practice of insurers making claimants offers to settle without seeking advice from a medical expert. We agree with the Ministry of Justice that all personal injury claims should go through an independent medical assessment and we have been campaigning for this for some time. 

"The action is now with the insurance industry and we look forward to insurers responding to the Ministry of Justice’s calls to share data on fraudulent and exaggerated claims to see where future issues lie. It is encouraging to see that car insurance premiums are already falling and consumers should feel the benefit of these costs savings due to legal reforms.”