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Business admin apprentice qualifies with permanent position

YLF business admin apprentice Zoe Hazlehurst
11th October 2017

At Your Legal Friend, we put a strong emphasis on staff development and actively encourage employees to grow within their roles and reach their potential. In line with this, we have a number of apprentices working with us in different areas of the business.

Zoe Hazlehurst has recently completed her Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship with us and has been successful in obtaining a permanent position within the Accounts team as a Legal Cashier. Zoe had the following things to say about her experience so far:

What did you study and why?

"Over the past year I have been working towards my Level 2 Diploma in Business Admin. The reason I wanted to study this was because I wanted to work within a professional business environment."

What first attracted you to Your Legal Friend in comparison to other firms?

"When applying for Apprenticeships, I was open to looking at a number of organisations. However, once I'd had my interview with Your Legal Friend, I realised that this was a place where I would really like to work as I was warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable."

What was your first week like at Your Legal Friend?

"On my first week at Your Legal Friend I was made to feel extremely comfortable by the team and my manager. Everybody was always happy to help and were very open to show me new things which helped with my training. I was always being shown new things and given extra work once I had completed mine, which meant I always had something to do!"

What has been the best thing about your Apprenticeship?

"The best thing about my Apprenticeship has probably been constantly getting new work and being trained on more things. This has given me my own responsibilities throughout the year and I'm consistently learning and doing new things to assist the team and other members of staff."

What has been the most valuable thing you have learnt about working?

"The most valuable thing I have learnt about working is that it is important to work as a team and communicate as this ensures that things are done efficiently and that everyone is happy with how things are being done. I have also learnt that if any mistakes are made, it is better and a lot easier for everyone if these are acknowledged straight away, as they can be quickly corrected."

Where do you see your career going now?

"I am extremely happy that through my Apprenticeship I have now gained a permanent job at Your Legal Friend. I look forward to seeing how I can progress further within my job role." 

What would you say to anyone else considering an apprenticeship with Your Legal Friend?

"I would recommend doing an Apprenticeship at Your Legal Friend to anyone as I thoroughly enjoyed mine. It has been a great way to start my career and I have enjoyed working with everybody and learning so much in just a year! I feel an apprenticeship is a great way to get into working and gaining a qualification and experience at the same time."