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Over £2,000 Compensation Won For Hearing Loss

Hand behind ear - hearing loss compensation
3rd December 2015

Working in a noisy environment can cause hearing loss, as Mr M found out to his cost.  After working for over 40 years at a variety of manufacturing sites in the north west, he realised that his hearing was seriously deteriorating and that this problem was probably due to his working conditions.  So Mr M contacted us for help.

Our experienced occupational illness solicitors agreed that Mr M’s previous employment was probably to blame as he had a long history of working in noisy environments.  Originally, he had worked for 5 years as a stone mason where he was exposed to noise from electric saws, power drills, grinders and polishers.  He then became a machine operator and spot welder in the motor industry, surrounded by noise from welding machines and carousel machinery.  In his next employment as a press operator and spot welder, he worked for 11 years close to a large press machine and a welding machine.  Finally, he worked for 23 years as a press operator and machine operator at a vehicle manufacturing plant where he was exposed to noise from gear cutting machines and a bosh machine.

Not only were the noise levels in these jobs so high that Mr M and his workmates had to shout to communicate with each other, but also their employers never provided them with any hearing protection.

We immediately arranged for Mr M to take a hearing test so that we could establish not only the extent of his hearing loss but also how much of it was due to the natural ageing process and how much due to his exposure to noise during his working life.  Thanks to this test, we confirmed that Mr M had a strong case for compensation.

Our solicitors built a case for compensation for Mr M against all his former employers.   We then successfully negotiated an out of court settlement of £2,103.92, avoiding the need for the case to go to trial.

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