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£9,500 compensation won for hearing loss

Hearing aid in an ear
13th January 2016

Mr Carter was a Production Operative at a noisy plastics factory in the North West for 10 years. He enjoyed his job and, even though the hours were long, staff morale was good and he was a dedicated employee. Mr Carter found, however, that his hearing was deteriorating and when he went out with friends, he really struggled to hear in group situations. His hearing problems started to have a real effect on his home and personal life and when he realised it could be linked to his working environment, Mr Carter contacted us for no win, no fee legal advice.

Our specialist hearing loss solicitors looked into Mr Carter’s working history and found that he was exposed to excessive noise from machines in the factory where he worked. Working in a noisy environment day after day can cause hearing loss and other conditions such as tinnitus – a constant buzzing or humming in the ears. The specific machines used in the factory where Mr Carter worked were extremely noisy but his employer unfortunately never provided him with any hearing protection.

We arranged for Mr Carter to see a specialist and take a hearing test so that we could establish not only the extent of his hearing loss but also how much of it was due to the natural ageing process and how much was due to exposure to noise at work. Mr Carter was found to be suffering from noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus due to his working environment. Thanks to the evidence we gathered, we were able to secure Mr Carter £9,500 compensation.

Mr Carter and his family are very happy with the outcome and now have the compensation they deserve to pay for the hearing aids which will help him in his everyday life.

"Would just like to say I am more than happy with the work you have done, highly recomended, kept informed at all times, many thanks," 

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