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£9,000 won for hearing loss

Elderly man having a hearing aid fitted
16th December 2015

Thanks to our expert solicitors, Mr Reed has secured £9,000 compensation for his hearing loss from his former employer, Steelway Fensecure Limited.

From 1984 to 1990, Mr Reed worked for Steelway Fensecure Limited as a Platers Mate at their fabrication plant in Bilston, Wolverhampton. While he was employed there, he was exposed to excessive noise from welders, grinders and other tools used in steel fabrication.

The noise levels were so high that Mr Reed and his colleagues had to shout to communicate with each other, and his employer provided no hearing protection equipment.

We arranged a hearing test to establish the extent of Mr Reed’s noise induced hearing loss.  As a result, we negotiated an out of Court settlement of £9,000, avoiding the need for the case to go to trial.