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Young pedestrians injured on driveway

Residential area
14th May 2014

Efforts to win motor accident compensation could be undertaken by a brother and sister who were injured in an accident involving two cars just outside their home.

Regional newspaper the Yorkshire Evening Post reports that the young pedestrians lending a hand to their parents as they packed for a holiday.

The new provider identifies the siblings as seven year-old Tilly Franks and Jason McArdle, aged three.

The pair are said to have been with mum Debbie Wilkinson when the accident happened on a residential road called The Island in Knottingley, at around 9.30am on Wednesday, this week.

Initial reports suggest the family’s car, which was stationary, was hit by a passing vehicle – which caused the pair to become injured.

Older brother Carl, nine, and dad Simon McArdle, 43, were inside the house at the time.

It's understood by the newspaper that the family-of-five were about to leave for a trip to Skegness.

The family were helped by a Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter that landed in a nearby field and took Tilly to Leeds General Infirmary.

Brother Jason was taken to Pinderfields General Hospital via road ambulance.

An spokeswoman for the ambulance service comments: "A rapid response vehicle, two ambulances and the air ambulance attended what was reported to be a road traffic accident involving a car and two children that were pedestrians."

She explained that the young boy suffered head injuries and the other patient, who was female, was inflicted with a leg injury.

A neighbour of the family told the Yorkshire Evening Post that "there was no tears from Tilly" because she’s "such a brave kid."

She described however that the boy Jason is only young and he was crying because the incident cause him to become caught between the car and the wall.

The neighbour went on to describe just how close the injured siblings are, and that you could never fault them.

She remarked: "The driver is in a bit of a state and the children’s dad is distraught.

"The situation could have been a lot worse but they’ll be alright."

With any luck the children should come through their bad experience without too much trauma and go on to receive a clean bill of health.

However, give the level of distress and psychological damage the ordeal is causing the family, making a bid for motor accident compensation could bring them some relief.

A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said the siblings "are both being treated for serious but not life threatening injuries."

Reported by Fiona Campbell