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Tyre blowout car accident

Tire blown out
14th May 2014

A defect in the construction of a car tyre that caused it to suffer a blowout on a motorway was blamed by the High Court last week for an accident in which 5 people were injured.

The case, which was heard last week at the High Court, involved a motorway car accident in which the driver of the car lost control and the car overturned, colliding with the barrier on the central reservation.  One of the tyres on the car had blown out and had lost half of its tread.  The passengers in the vehicle brought personal injury compensation claims against the driver and the manufacturer of the tyres.

The car’s driver denied that his driving was to blame for the accident and two independent inspections of the accident scene (one from the police and one by an appointed expert) backed this up.  The inspections revealed that the car had been in the middle of the third lane of the motorway and that there were no foreign objects on the road surface that might have punctured the tyre seriously enough for it to blowout.  In addition a number of witnesses testified that the car had been driving normally before the accident.

Experts for the passengers and for the driver asserted that the cause of the accident was a manufacturing defect concerning the steel reinforcement in the tyre that had left it prone to a blowout.  The tyre’s manufacturer employed a third expert who hypothesized that damage to the tyre which may have happened several miles before the accident was responsible.

In the verdict, given by the judge, the cause of the accident was determined to be the fault with the manufacturing of the tyre. The driver of the vehicle was found not to blame, as there was substantial evidence that he had been driving properly before the blowout. The judge went on to say that motorists expected the tyre they used on their vehicles to be manufactured with the highest standard of care, as a catastrophic failure of a tyre could lead to a serious accident.  In this particular case the tyre on this car had fallen well below the standard that the driver was entitled to expect and therefore the accident was caused entirely by the tyre manufacturer’s negligence.

Tyre blowout accident claims

This case was dealt with by another firm of solicitors unconnected to Camps Solicitors. It shows just how dangerous defects in tyres and other parts of a vehicle can be if a failure happens whilst travelling at speed. If the details of this accident are familiar to you and you have been injured due to the failure of the tyres on your vehicle or another mechanical component, then it may be possible to make a car accident compensation claim against the manufacturer of the tyre. For a confidential no-cost discussion of your accident and to find out if you can claim, contact Camps today.