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Transport for London’s Business Plan To Roll Out ‘Cycling Revolution.’

Cycling sign
14th May 2014
The publishing of Transport for London’s new business plan in December 2012 seems to indicate that real changes to the road cycling infrastructure of the nation’s capital could soon be green-lit.

The recent announcement of a 50 per cent rise in cyclist injuries from 2,958 in 2006 to 4,497 in 2011 would not only have likely impacted upon the level of bike claims have increased, the voices of many concerned cycle groups have continued to also make their case over current cycling conditions on London roads. While previous investment has always been seen as lagging far behind European capitals like Copenhagen, for example, it is being claimed that increased funding would mean that the new infrastructure would be built to a higher technical standard.

It also expected that plans are also to be shortly published for the development of a cycle corridor, which will run from east to west through the capital as well as a network of cycle routes in Central London.

It’s recognised that the London cycle hire scheme and the cycle superhighways have taken up a significant proportion of investment in the past four years, and the hire scheme would inevitably, continue to receive key funding. However, according to the Mayor’s office, “the very substantial majority of the money is going into the visible improvement of the road network”.

Currently, plans projected up to 2015 are for spending to double from £135 million to £268 million, and the intention to spend another £640 million on cycling improvements in addition to £273 million previously set out in Transport For London’s ten-year plan.

Under the spending proposal, “new cycle routes will be built, junctions redesigned, signs improved, facilities built in outer London and 80,000 cycle parking spaces added.” Once Boris Johnson’s so-called “cycling revolution” starts to roll out across the capital, then maybe improved cycling infrastructure might be proposed across all the UK road networks?