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Toxteth Whiplash Compensation Claim Success

Woman holding her neck in pain
14th May 2014

When art teacher Ms Pearce was injured whilst she was driving through the Toxteth area of Liverpool, she decided to make a claim for personal injuries compensation. Ms Pearce was recommended to use Camps Solicitors for her claim after family members had used our services. Her claim took less than 10 months from the date of her accident to the time she received her settlement cheque.

Mrs Pearce's accident took place in November 2007 as she was waiting at traffic lights; as the lights turned to green and she went to drive away, another vehicle drove into the rear of her car, shunting it forwards in an impact that caused her to suffer a painful neck injury. After the accident she attended hospital in Liverpool where she was diagnosed as having suffered injuries to her neck and shoulders as well as exacerbating a back injury.

When Camps took on her case, we assigned her case to one of our partners, Lynne Southern, a solicitor with many years experience helping the victims of road traffic accidents to make no-win no-fee claims for personal injuries compensation. Lynne's team of support staff and fee earners made sure Mrs Pearce was kept up to date on the progress of her case, and saw to it that she received a home visit and a private medical examination of her injuries as part of the claims process.

Mrs Pearce's claim was a success, with the other driver admitting liability for the accident. The claim was settled out of court with Mrs Pearce receiving a cheque for £3060 just over 9 months from the date of her accident. Wanting to hear about her experiences of making a claim, we asked Mrs Pearce for her comments, and here is what she had to say:

"I was told to use Camps Solicitors by family members as Camps was a service they had used previously and they had been very impressed with the way their cases had been dealt with. It was extremely easy to contact their offices using e-mail, and their response was time extremely quick. The other party and his insurers were hesitant to admit liability and move things on, but after emailing and calling Camps Solicitors I felt reassured. I felt my case was safe in their hands."