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Stoke on Trent school accident compensation

School classroom
14th May 2014

Accidents affecting pupils and staff in schools continue to be a problem for parts of Stoke-on-Trent and Cheshire according to figures released recently.  Three local authorities, covering Stoke, East Cheshire and Staffordshire paid out around £2.2 million in compensation and solicitors fees over three years after successful personal injury claims made by injured pupils and staff.

These figures again highlight the potential for injuries in and around schools if common sense steps aren’t taken to make sure that both staff members and the pupils in their care can take part safely in enjoyable and educational activities whilst at school.

In total between the three local authorities, 158 successful personal injury and work accident compensation claims were made between 2008 and 2011.  At least 52 of these claims were made by school pupils who had been injured whilst at school.  Successful injury compensation claims ranged from relatively common slipping accidents to more unusual accident circumstances such as a claim made by one pupil whose foot was run over by a bus and an accident where a fire extinguisher was discharged into someone’s face.

In comments reported on the This Is Staffordshire website, Councillor Sarah Hill, a cabinet member for finance at Stoke-on-Trent City Council, said:  "We take all such claims very seriously and they are investigated thoroughly by our insurers.  We only pay out when we are legally liable."

School and workplace accident claims

Schools, whether you attend them as a pupil or as an employed member of staff, should be safe and well managed institutions where safety risks are kept to an absolute minimum.  Many of the accidents that comprise the statistics mentioned above occurred when quick and easy steps were not taken to ensure the safety of members of the school community.  Here at Camps Solicitors, our personal and workplace injury specialists deal with claims made by school pupils and people working in the education system. If you have suffered an injury in a school in the last three years and you have been left genuinely disadvantaged then we’d like to hear from you.