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Secure Compensation Settlement for Injured Man

Neck brace on old man
14th May 2014

When Mr P was injured after tripping over, he turned to Camps Solicitors to help him to make a personal injury compensation claim that wouldn’t cost him a penny. As all our costs were recovered from the other party, we were able to help Mr P with his claim without requiring him to pay any monies for our services. Our solicitor Ged Jones dealt with Mr P’s claim from start to finish, securing him a substantial compensation settlement for his serious injuries.

Mr P’s accident happened when he was out jogging near his home in Lancashire. As he was jogging along a main road his foot slipped on the edge of a drain that did not have its cover in place. Mr P lost his balance, falling to the ground and suffering some nasty injuries to his knees and his wrists. He went to his local hospital for treatment, and a few weeks later, contacted Camps to see about claiming compensation for his injuries.

As soon as Mr P contacted Camps Solicitors and told us about his accident, we knew this was something we could help with. All public roads should be maintained either by the local council, or in the case of major roads, the highways agency. Additionally, any maintenance hatches or manhole covers should be maintained by the owner – in this case BT. In this case, it was clear to us that maintenance of this particular section of road was not up to the standards expected, and the uncovered drain was clearly a danger to any pedestrians using the road.

Our solicitor, Ged Jones, contacted BT and the local council on behalf of Mr P and negotiated with them to recover compensation for his injuries. Ged relied on evidence from an independent medical expert when negotiating the level of compensation Mr P would receive for his injuries. Eventually a sum of compensation was agreed upon for Mr P’s claim, and he received >£37,500 for his injuries.

After his claim, we asked Mr P for his comments on our service, and here is what he had to say:

"Absolutely superb, no problems at all; with regards to Ged Jones, who was my solicitor. Also his secretaries always dealt with my questions quickly and helpfully, which is something I really do appreciate."