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Road Safety Week – 23rd-29th November 2015

Road safety week inforgraphic
25th November 2015

With darker days and more extreme weather conditions affecting all areas of the UK, the winter months are traditionally a pressure point for road safety. We see dusk drawing in from 4pm just when the majority of traffic takes to the roads, so even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in road traffic accidents when faced with hazardous winter weather conditions.

The number of people seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents increased by 5% to 22,807 in 2014 compared to 2013*, according to official statistics. Organisations and government bodies must therefore prioritise educating the wider public to prevent the worst situations from occurring. This is why Road Safety Week, commencing on the 23rd of November, is such an important event at a national and local level to raise awareness about safety on the roads as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian.

There are so many elements of safety that people need to consider when taking to the road. Whether it is wearing your seatbelt, speed limits or checking the tread of your tyres, all of these factors must be fully considered every time you get behind the wheel.

Did you know?

  • The Think Road Safety Annual Survey** showed that 43% of drivers were unable to successfully identify the national speed limit sign when shown, demonstrating that somewhere along the way education and awareness of these topics is falling by the wayside
  • On top of this, three in ten drivers (28%) knew people who did not wear a seat belt in the front of the car
  • 43% of drivers knew people who did not wear a seat belt as a passenger in the back of a car

At Your Legal Friend we encourage drivers to prevent mistakes from happening wherever possible. Not wearing a seatbelt or driving too fast for the conditions can be fatal, whether you are at fault or not. The Department for Transport offers the following advice which all drivers should remember; ‘The speed limit is a limit and not a target. In some road conditions, including fog and rain and traffic flow, even driving at the speed limit could be too fast.’ In the winter, driving conditions can be very changeable and we encourage drivers to be alert and aware of potential risks at all times.

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