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Pot holes causing misery for UK cyclists

Pot hole in road
14th May 2014

Pot holes.  Sometimes it seems you can’t cycle for more than a few hundred metres before coming across one and that’s if you are lucky, often you don’t see them until it is too late.  If you are a cyclist who has fallen foul of one of the many hundreds of thousands of potholes in Britain’s roads then you will understand just how serious a safety risk they pose to all road users, particularly cyclists.

According to data from the 2011 survey by the Asphalt Industry Alliance, the body representing the suppliers, producers and laying contractors in the asphalt industry, on average local authorities in England are facing a £5.7m shortfall in their road maintenance budgets.  Coupled with an estimated repair backlog of 11 years for local authorities outside of London this means that even if fully funded, it would take over a decade to repair all the potholes on England’s roads.  So in the mean time bike accidents due to potholes look like they are here to stay.

Cycling over a pothole on your bike has a much greater affect on your balance and stability than if you were to go over one in a four-wheeled vehicle.  Lose your balance and you could be thrown from your bike before you have a chance to react.  If this is the case then you will be lucky not to be injured – it is likely that at the very least you will have suffered some sort of bicycle accident injury.  On a busy road with a lot of traffic, or when you are travelling at speed there is the potential to suffer a very serious bike accident, leaving you with multiple injuries.

Here at My Cycling Claim we understand the risks posed by potholes to cyclists.  We will be launching a new cycling safety campaign soon to highlight the risks of being involved in a cycling accident after riding over a pothole.  We will be putting together a list of the top pothole black spots for cyclists so if you have cycled along any atrocious roads lately, let the My Cycling Claim team know.