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Pedestrian killed by hit and run

Car driving quickly
14th May 2014

The family of a young woman who was killed in a hit-and-run incident when she was out jogging could sue the man who caused the tragedy for motor accident compensation.

Newspaper for the capital, the London Evening Standard says a court heard today that the perpetrator sped off and attempted to cover up his accountability for the event.

The 20 year-old woman is said to have catapulted into the air outside Oakleigh Park Tube station and hit her head on a pavement.

The jury at Wood Green crown court learned the second-year history student at Bristol University, was out jogging when she was struck by a BMW car, as she crossed the road in the far north of London.

The Barnet road where the woman was killed is clearly marked, and even carries the warning to go 'slow', outside a bank of shops.

It's believed her ability to sense the oncoming car as a pedestrian was impaired by the fact she may have been wearing music headphones at the time.

Motorist Aryeris Angelis, 26, was at first seen to have slowed down before driving away and leaving the victim in the road.

The newspaper explains that on the following day he took his car to a garage in order to remove the incriminating evidence of collision damage to the cars wing and doorframe.

The Wiltshire woman was in the area as she was staying with friends in order to carry out an internship with the fashion house Moschino in the West End of London in June 2010.

She was jogging on an evening with fine dry conditions, when it was still light, and had been separated from her running companion.

Prosecuting barrister Timothy Devlin, says: "People who know that area - and Angelis does - know that people in that area cross the road there because it is next to a Tube station.

"As she crossed the road she was hit on her right side by Angelis in his blue BMW, thrown into the air and landed on her head on the pavement and sadly died. After the impact the car was seen to slow down further up the road and then drive off."

Mr Angelis, from New Southgate, has pleaded not guilty to causing death by careless driving.

He also denies a charge of intending to pervert the course of justice by having his car repaired after the collision.

Reported by Fiona Campbell.