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No-Win No-Fee Compensation West Yorkshire Car Accident

Car accident
14th May 2014

After a car accident in the West Yorkshire town of Wetherby, motorist Mr Mawson used the services of Camps Solicitors to help him to make a claim for personal injuries compensation. Mr Mawson's car accident compensation claim was handled by Sandra Sauvage, one of the firm's litigation executives, who has many years of experience representing clients who have been involved in non-fault accidents on the road.

The accident took place on the A661 road in the small town of Wetherby, just off the A1 in West Yorkshire; Mr Mawson was stationary in a queue of traffic when another motorist drove into the rear of his vehicle. The force of the impact caused Mr Mawson to receive injuries to his neck and back.

When Mr Mawson's claim was taken on by Camps Solicitors, we set to work organising a home visit for him from one of our Client Liaison Officers. At this face-to-face meeting, Mr Mawson was helped to complete the forms necessary to make his claim. After these initial forms were filled in, a medical appointment was arranged at which Mr Mawson's personal injuries were recorded so that they could be used as part of the evidence in his car accident claim.

Thanks to the work done by Sandra Sauvage and her support staff, Mr Mawson's claim was a success and he received £3,280 personal injuries compensation. After we had sent Mr Mawson his compensation cheque, Camps caught up with him to hear what he had to say about the service that we offered to him throughout his claim:

"I was very pleased at the initial response of getting a member of staff out to visit me at home and take notes on my claim. I was regularly kept informed of any progress and Camps Solicitors also rang me to see how I was and to make any necessary arrangements to see consultants at the hospital etc. for further consultation and an MRI scan on my injuries. The end result, because of their meticulous approach, I was awarded a much better settlement."