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Motorbike Accident Statistics Can Be Deceptively Overtaken!

Motorbike accident statistics
14th May 2014
Statistics for motorbike accidents may have marginally improved since 25,000 motorcyclists were injured on British roads in 2004, but the figure have to be weighed against the increase of road vehicle users over the same period.

Many motorcyclists are aware that while making up just 1 per cent of vehicle traffic they account for up to a fifth of all serious injuries and fatalities on UK roads. As a result, the general trend for motorbike accidents, and motorbike accident claims, remains consistently high despite reports of a drop in the reported annual fatality figures.

So while there was a 10 per cent reduction in motorcycle users killed in 2011 to 362, the number of riders reported as seriously injured actually rose by 10 per cent to 5,247. The total number of all reported motorcycle user casualties was also up - by 8 per cent to 20,150 in 2011 – while at the same time, motorcycle traffic had marginally increased by 0.9 per cent over the same period.

To gain a better understanding over how one set of figures might distort the perception of another, it’s worth taking a closer look the Department of Transport’s Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain 2011 (released in June 2012).

Between 2005 and 2009, the number of motorbike fatalities slowly dropped each year from 1,407 to 1,059. A significant fall was then registered for 2010 to 835, which again crept up to 883 in 2011.

However, motorcyclists who were seriously injured stayed consistently over 5,500 dropping slightly to 5,350 in 2009 and to 4, 789 in 2010 but climbed back to 5,247 in 2011. The slightly injured figures have tended to hold and only show a moderate decrease from 22, 272 in 2005 to 20,150 in 2011.

By looking at the total number of all motorcycle casualties, once more a consistent pattern emerges, whereby, from a figure of 22, 772 in 2005, the numbers have slowly decreased to 20,703 in 2009, falling more significantly to 18,686 in 2010 but also reversing upwards again to 20,150 in 2011.

It is already known that he number of pedal cyclist fatalities in 2012 is up on 2011 and it is feared that when the final statistics for motorbike accident injuries in 2012 are released, a further escalation will be evident despite the likelihood that actual fatalities would have fallen for the fifth consecutive year.

As every motorbike rider know, despite the statistics, the conditions on UK roads, caused by a combination of increasing traffic congestion, motorist behaviour ( and not forgetting road works and general infrastructure) have not significantly improved.