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Motor accident compensation for father

Car destroyed after crash
14th May 2014
A Welsh valleys father was awarded £25,000 in damages for the psychological trauma thanks to successful motor accident compensation.

He suffered in the aftermath of a car crash in which his daughter and three other teenage girls died.

According to reports in local newspaper the South Wales Argus a 61 year-old man claimed damages from Craig Ramshaw - who drove a car which crashed on the Llangynidr moors between Garnlydan and Ebbw Vale on November 2, 2006.

The accident claims were based upon compensation for psychiatric injury in the aftermath of the accident.
The man's 16 year-old daughter and two friends aged 15, along with another 16 year-old had been in the car and died in the crash.

Mr Ramshaw was himself 17 at the time.

Now Judge Seys Llewellyn, sitting at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, has awarded the victim's father of Garnlydan, £25,000 for post traumatic stress disorder.

In his ruling, the judge says: "It needs to be stated, with emphasis, that no monetary award can compensate for the loss of his daughter.
"This is no, in law, or remotely in fact, a valuation for the loss of his daughter."

The court heard earlier in the year from psychiatrist Dr David Thomas the victim's father had vivid nightmares about the crash scene and the identification of Louise' body at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil.
He told the court the events surrounding his daughter's death led to his suffering of post traumatic stress disorder.

Mr Ramshaw’s defence team had argued the man's symptoms resulted from the grief and sorrow of losing his daughter.

But Judge Seys Llewellyn said the case fell within the category of moderately severe psychiatric damage.
Under the guidelines, although professional help could help bring some improvement, "the effects are still likely to cause significant disability for the foreseeable future."

It is understood that the driver’s insurance company would pay the compensation.

Last night, after the ruling was released, Mr Jones told the Argus he was pleased the court had ruled in his favour, but still cannot sleep at night and finds certain times of the year like birthdays very difficult.

But with motor accident compensation coming out of a ruling such as this, at least the grieving father and the rest of his family can begin to put their teenagers death behind them, and try and live out their lives as best they can.

Posted by Bryony Flack-Crane