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M40 Coach Accident investigation continues

Traffic jam on motorway
14th May 2014

A coach accident that took place on Saturday night in Oxfordshire is still being investigated today by the police after 17 people were injured. The crash, which saw the coach overturn on the M40 motorway, happened near to the town of Thame.

Thames Valley Police were still investigating the crash on Monday, although some details of the crash have emerged. It is thought that the accident happened when the coach, which was travelling from London to Oxford, hit a safety barrier at the side of the road and rolled down an embankment and onto its side. The police confirmed to the media that no other vehicles were involved in the accident and that 5 people injured in the crash were still in nearby John Radcliffe Hospital where they were receiving treatment for their injuries.

Claiming compensation for injuries in a coach crash

Coach accidents, can by their very nature involve injuries to large numbers of people. Whereas a car accident between two vehicles might involve a maximum of 10-12 people, a modern coach can carry upwards of 70 passengers, with some double decked vehicles being able to carry nearly 100 people on board. If a coach becomes involved in a road accident there is the potential for many of these people to receive injuries.

The injuries typically suffered by people in coach accidents are broadly similar to those suffered by people who have been involved in accidents whilst in smaller vehicles. Moderate injuries such as whiplash and bruising are common as well as injuries caused by flying glass coming from any windows that were shattered in the accident.

Where coach accident injuries differ from those suffered by people in cars or other vehicles is that on smaller vehicles there is very rarely any space for passengers to leave their seats during the journey. However modern coaches are equipped with toilets and other facilities and passengers may leave their seats to use these. This can create a risk that anyone out of their seat at the time of an accident may be thrown off balance, either along the length of the coach, or in extreme circumstances they may even be thrown clear of the vehicle entirely, through a broken window or other opening.

A compensation claim after being involved in a road crash as a passenger, or indeed as the driver on a coach could help towards any medical costs or financial hardships you have suffered as a direct result of the accident.

With an independent road traffic accident solicitor you can concentrate on what is most important to you after the accident, whether that is spending time with friends and family or simply recovering from your injuries. Your solicitor will take the strain out of your claim, making sure any legal action you take against the person or persons responsible for your injuries will see you fully compensated for your losses and for the pain and discomfort you have suffered.