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London Shopping Injury Victim Gets Compensation

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14th May 2014

After being injured by a falling shelf whilst she was out shopping on Regent Street in London, Camps Solicitors client Mrs Irmal decided to make a claim for personal injuries compensation for the neck, back and chest injuries she suffered. Camps Gary Coghlan, one of the partners in the firm, handled Mrs Irmal's claim from start to finish, ensuring that she received the best possible outcome for her claim.

Mrs Irmal's accident took place in a branch of the Gap clothes store on Regent Street in the shopping district of central London. As she was browsing in the store, a rack of clothing collapsed, and two of the wooden shelves hit her; one on the chest and ribs, the other landing on her foot. The incident left Mrs Irmal with injuries to her toe, neck and chest.

When she contacted Camps Solicitors to make a claim, partner Gary Coghlan began work to assemble Mrs Irmal's case so that she would receive compensation that reflected the circumstances of her accident and the extent of her injuries. One of our client liaison officers was sent out to meet face to face with Mrs Irmal at a convenient time for her. At this initial meeting Mrs Irmal was helped to fill in the forms that were needed to proceed with her claim.

As well as gathering evidence to be used in Mrs Irmal's claim, Gary Coghlan and the staff at Camps also negotiated with the store where the accident had taken place, as well as Gap's insurers. At the end of these negotiations, a figure of £1500 was decided on to compensate Mrs Irmal for the injuries she had suffered through no fault of her own. After her claim had finished, Mrs Irmal made some comments on her shopping accident injury claim and the service she had received from Camps:

"This company was fast, informative and regularly updated their website with my case details which was very useful. This is accessible with a unique password which was sent in the post early on in the case. The liaison officer came out to my house on my day off from work and explained everything to me in layman's terms. He was very informative, explaining all the legal terminology, as well as being very understanding. I would definitely recommend Camps Solicitors to anyone wanting to make a claim. They are efficient, fact, informative and the service was excellent."