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Injury claims for grieving family

Car destroyed on side of motorway
14th May 2014
Motor accident compensation could be made by the grieving family of a teenager who was killed in a car crash caused by her boyfriend's poor driving judgement.

Online news provider for the region, This Is Devon, reports that 19 year-old Ashley Millar walked free from court for causing the death of his girlfriend in a car accident in Torquay.

The speeding driver has from Paignton is said to have lost control of his father's Citroen Saxo on Newton Road with 'catastrophic' results, Exeter Crown Court was told yesterday.

He hit a signpost causing the car to break in two, throwing his girlfriend out of the front passenger seat and killing her.

Witnesses said he had been travelling at up to 60mph in a 30mph zone, which could provide the foundation for a case to win injury claims to compensate the family of the victim and the psychological ordeal her death has caused.

The news provider reports there were tears on both sides in the courtroom.

And after the sentence was passed, the victim's family confirmed they were 'very disappointed' with the sentence.

Mr Millar admitted causing the death of his girlfriend by driving without due care and attention.

The accident that could give rise to a personal injury claim, happened on December 29th, shortly before midnight.

The couple are said to have been travelling along the single lane in the direction of Torquay town centre.

Prosecutor Nigel Wraith said it was raining and visibility was down to between 20 and 25 feet because of misty conditions.

A witness heard the Saxo's engine revving at a set of traffic lights and then being 'worked hard' as it accelerated away.

It then travelled towards a sweeping left-hand bend 'well above the speed limit', said Mr Wraith.

Millar crossed the double white line towards oncoming traffic. A driver saw the Saxo 'out of control' and had to swerve to avoid it, it was said.

As Millar tried to correct his path he hit the nearside kerb, he steered the car along the pavement and hit the signpost 'with catastrophic' results.

The front of the car was sheared away from the rear causing the seatbelt to be ripped loose. The victim was killed as she was 'thrown through the missing doors', according to Mr Wraith.

The mother of the deceased said her daughter "will always have a special place in our hearts. The wonderful memories she gave us over all the years we will forever remember and cherish."

 Reported by Fiona Campbell