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Hip replacement faults could lead to compensation claims

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14th May 2014

100 compensation claims have been launched by patients fitted with hip replacements manufactured by medical company DePuy after they suffered from serious side-effects.

The ASR or Artificial Surface Replacement joint was introduced by DePuy in 2003 and withdrawn in 2010.

It used metallic parts in place of the more usual plastic or ceramic components found in most hip replacements and was designed to be fitted to younger patients as it required less bone to be removed than conventional replacement joints allowing the recipient to keep more healthy bone tissue.  After it was introduced, some patients fitted with the joints began reporting problems with the two halves of the joint, the cup and the socket, working loose.  Some people fitted with the joints have also reported side-effects ranging from pain and swelling around the joint through to bone damage and blood poisoning.

Now several of those who have had the hip joint fitted have launched claims against the manufacturer.   On the BBC news website, one 57 year old man who was fitted with the ASR joint is quoted as saying:

"I woke up one morning and I was in agony...

...And, I felt sick, really sick with the pain.  I feel like an old man - that's what I feel like - an old man in his eighties. And I feel robbed of my life."

The joints were fitted to tens of thousands of patients in the seven years they were available.  Some medical experts estimate that around 8,000 joints were fitted to people in the UK and Ireland with many more fitted to patients in the United States and elsewhere.  Several lawsuits have already been started in the US, brought by people who have suffered pain and discomfort from the replacement joints and also from the inconvenience of additional surgery to correct the problem.

Hip replacement compensation claims

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