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Heathrow Airport Car Accident

Departures and arrivals sign
14th May 2014

Multiple vehicles crash at terminal three drop-off point

A crash involving 5 vehicles has taken place at Heathrow Airport’s terminal three. The crash happened on Monday afternoon at a drop-off point outside the terminal. Representatives from all three emergency services attended the accident. Two people were reported as being injured in the crash, one with neck injuries and one with head injuries. BAA, which operates the airport, said that the terminal remained open throughout the incident and the rest of the airport was unaffected.

Injury claims for an accident at an airport

A car crash outside an airport is probably not an accident that you are likely to suffer, but there are many other types of accident that might happen whilst you are in the terminal, whether you are arriving or departing. It almost goes without saying, but airports are very busy public places, not only with travellers, but with airport staff and employees of the various shops and businesses located inside the terminals. As with any busy public space, this can lead to a variety of accidents, if appropriate measures are not taken and safety is not treated as a priority.

Common accidents that might happen inside an airport terminal could include slipping or tripping injuries. Airports are full of shops, including florists, food shops and restaurants. With these kinds of shops there is always a risk that fluids such as split water or drinks could create a slipping hazard for passers-by. Also, any loose packaging left lying around the terminal could present a risk of tripping, especially for elderly or physically frail people who might not see or step over the hazard.

It’s not just the floors in an airport that might pose the risk of an injury. There is also a small risk that food purchased at a restaurant or fast food outlet in an airport might contain bacteria that could lead to food poisoning – although the likelihood that you would suffer food poisoning from eating food sold in an airport in England and Wales is probably about the same as eating food purchased at any restaurant or fast food outlet. What makes any accident, including food poisoning, more inconvenient in an airport is the impact that being injured or falling ill will have on your travel plans, which may be delayed or cancelled if you are not able to fly.

Claiming airport injury compensation

If you have been involved in an accident at an airport in England or Wales and it wasn’t your fault, then Camps Solicitors can help you to make an accident claim – on a no-win, no-fee basis.  Making your claim with Camps is easy and our dedicated legal support team will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you can get on with the things that are really important to you after the accident whilst we get on with recovering your compensation.