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Claiming compensation for an ankle injury

Person holding their foot after an injury
14th May 2014

Imagine the situation; you’re out and about, perhaps shopping or just out for a walk when your foot catches on something.  You fall awkwardly, twisting your ankle.  This is a painful injury to suffer and might result in your having to take several weeks off work to recover, whilst you might have to make alternative arrangements when it comes to looking after children and other family members, for example.  If the accident wasn’t your fault, should you have to foot the bill for the pain and inconvenience you have suffered – here at Camps Solicitors we don’t think so.

Injuring your ankle can be both painful and debilitating.  Even people who suffer relatively minor ankle injuries can expect to have to take some time off from work or household tasks to allow the ligaments and soft tissue time to recover.  For more serious injuries, including those involving broken bones or dislocation, then you might have to wear a plaster cast and get around on crutches or with the aid of a wheelchair, depending on whether you have suffered any other injuries.  Whatever the level of your injuries, if they were not your fault then a successful accident compensation claim could go some way to covering any financial losses you have incurred as a result of your accident.

Types of ankle injury

There are a variety of different ankle injuries that you might suffer in an accident. The severity of your injury will depend on a number of factors. These factors might include the force with which you fell, whether you twisted your leg as you fell or whether something or someone else knocked into you and caused the injury. For ankle injuries sustained in a road traffic accident, as the passenger, driver or rider of a vehicle, then the force of the impact and your position within the vehicle may also affect the type and severity of your ankle injury.

According to the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines (9th Edition), in the majority of accident compensation claims made by people who have suffered ankle injuries, the amount awarded solely for the injury is between £1,000 and £15,000. Injuries towards the lower end of this category include minor fractures, sprains and damage to the ligaments in the ankle whilst at the upper end of this category, the victim might be left with some minor disability or they might have some difficulty walking over longer distances or climbing stairs.

Successful accident compensation made by people who have suffered more serious ankle injuries, whilst they are fortunately quite rare, are likely to attract compensation payouts in excess of £15,000. Injuries above the £15,000 threshold will probably have involved extensive treatment with the victim having to undergo one or more surgical procedures and having to spend a significant amount of time recovering. Some injuries at this level might leave the victim with a serious permanent disability affecting how they walk or even leaving them confined to a wheelchair.

Ankle injury compensation claims

So if you have injured your ankle in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you would like independent expert legal advice to see if you can make an accident compensation claim against the person or organisation that was to blame, get in touch with Camps Solicitors. Our personal injury solicitors help thousands of people each year to make accident compensation claims when they have been injured through no fault of their own.