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Infographic: Child car seats explained UK

Child car seats banner
5th December 2014

It has been revealed that almost three-quarters of parents are unsure of the safest way to seat their young children in their cars.  Seventy four per cent of people with children under four think that front-facing child seats are best. But in reality, rear-facing seats can be up to “five times safer” in the event of a car accident.

The study conducted by Volvo UK announced that 71 per cent of the parents questioned switched from a rear-facing to a front-facing seat before their child turned 18 months old. Just three per cent of parents waited until their child was at least three years old before making the swap. These numbers vary drastically from figures in Sweden, where it has become the norm to keep children in rear-facing seats up until the age of four. Accident research figures suggest that this practice saves lives and is to thank for a stark contrast in the number of serious injuries and deaths between Sweden and other countries.

Here in the UK, the rules and regulations surrounding child car seats are by no means straight-forward and they’re often misinterpreted. While rear-facing seats are widely considered the safest option, children will eventually outgrow them. When this happens there are forward-facing designs that also offer great protection for older children.

It’s important that parents are well informed so that they can make the right decision for their child, but with many parents buying their car seats online, gaining access to the necessary advice and guidance isn’t always easy.

We’ve created this infographic to clear up any confusion and help you to offer your child the best protection when travelling on the roads.

infographic showing child car seat regulations in the UK

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