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Car accident sends bike flying

14th May 2014
A Cambridge man has been ordered to pay £529 in motor accident compensation after damaging a boy's bike and hitting a block of flats.

As well as the damage caused, Rhys Richardson was over the drink-drive limit and wasn't insured to drive the car he was in, as it had been borrowed from his boss.

Ipswich Crown Court heard that Richardson was seen travelling round a 30mph bend at 60mph whilst on his alcohol-fuelled jaunt, in which he also forced a 14-year-old boy to take evasive action and dive into a ditch to avoid being hit.

According to Mr Recorder Anderson, "it is very fortunate that the boy suffered nothing worse than bruising and a sustained fear of traffic."

The court was also told that the Ford Mondeo crashed through a wall before hitting the side of a block of flats, after which Richardson was detained by two members of the public before the police arrived.

In mitigation, Richardson's lawyer stated that he had an inherited condition that interfered with his thinking and had since expressed genuine remorse.

This helped him escape an immediate jail sentence, but was given a 12 months suspended sentence, ordered to do 240 hours of unpaid community work and told to pay £200 towards the cost of the prosecution, on top of the motor accident compensation payouts.

It wasn't only Richardson who escaped lightly – the victim could have been added to the 3,000 people who are killed or seriously injured by drink-drivers each year, according to This figure accounts for one-in-six of all road deaths.

Richardson isn't the only uninsured driver to be caught recently either – recent figures from the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) show that this figure sits at close to 500 every day, as police try to reduce the number of injury claims brought about by uninsured driver accidents.

The MIB's chief executive Ashton West warned motorists that "modern technology means that motorists who have no insurance are more likely than ever to be caught – it is simply not worth the risk."

Last year, the MIB estimated that 5 per cent of the cars on Britain's roads were uninsured, amounting to some 1.7 million.

The body's stats also show that these uninsured drivers are adding around £30 to the cost of law-abiding drivers' car insurance premiums.

Reported by Bryony Flack-Crane