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Calls for changes to dangerous dogs legislation

14th May 2014

New dog control orders to tackle the problems posed by dangerous dogs may be introduced to England and Wales by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. After a consultation exercise last year revealed criticism of the current legal framework in the Dangerous Dogs Act, which focuses on specific named breeds, such as the pit bull terrier and the Japanese tosa.

The new dog control orders would be imposed by local authorities and would compel the owners of dangerous dogs to take actions to prevent their dogs from harming people or other animals. Measures specified in the control orders might include muzzling or specialized behaviour training for the dog. If owners fail to follow the instructions in the dog control orders, due to be introduced this spring, they may face a fine or the destruction of their dog.

Dog bite personal injury claims

Whilst any regulations relating to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the introduction of any new control orders will be matters of criminal law, there are still several bog bite personal injury compensation cases each year in England and Wales.

Dog bite injury claims can be made by anyone injured in anyway by a dog (it’s most often bites, but it can be any type of physical injury) through no fault of their own. Generally that means that the person who has been injured was in no way to blame for their dog bite injury by, for example, provoking the dog into biting them.

Suffering a dog bite injury can be a painful and distressing experience. The dog bit injury will probably require hospital treatment and if it is a serious injury you may have to take time off work, or be unable to do jobs around the home whilst you recover. If this is the case, then Camps Solicitors may be able to help you to make a compensation claim against the dog’s owner (provided they have insurance cover) for dog bite compensation.

Our dog bite injury solicitors are here to help you to make a successful claim. We will look at all the evidence in your case, including medical evidence as to the extent of your injuries, to make sure you claim is not undervalued. Each year we help thousands of people to bring successful compensation claims in cases where they have suffered a dog bite injury, so why not find out if we can help you to make a claim too.