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Birkenhead Car Accident Compensation

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14th May 2014

After a car accident in Birkenhead town centre, motorist Mr Jones used the services of conveniently placed Camps Solicitors, whose offices were just around the corner from where he had his accident. Mr Jones case was handled by a team of specially trained support staff headed by Lynne Southern, one of the firm's partners.

The accident took place on Laird Street in Birkenhead in June 2006. Mr Jones was driving along the main road when another driver carelessly pulled out from a side road to the right. Mr Jones slammed on his brakes but was unable to avoid colliding with the other driver, who admitted responsibility for causing the car accident because he wasn't looking as he pulled out into on-coming traffic.

As soon as he contacted Camps, a home visit by one of our client liaison officers was arranged to help Mr Jones to fill in the forms necessary to proceed with his case. A private medical examination by a doctor who specialises in road accident injuries was arranged to determine the seriousness of Mr Jones' injuries and to collect medical evidence which would later be used to form the basis for his claim for personal injuries compensation.

Lynne Southern and her team back at Camps Solicitors' offices were busy assembling Mr Jones case to ensure he received 100% of the compensation he was entitled to. Mr Jones claim was successful and he received compensation for his injuries totalling £3,850. After he received his compensation cheque, we asked Mr Jones to make a few comments on the standard of service here at Camps Solicitors, and this is what he had to say:

"What I found out about making a claim with Camps Solicitors was that they keep you fully informed at every stage of your case. They really took the worry away from making a claim, and they dealt with everything. As I live nearby I made a few visits to the Camps offices and found them to be very good people. If you have a problem like I did, I would go and see them - you will be well looked after. To me, Camps Solicitors is the only firm I will be using in future."