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Bebington Accident Compensation Success

People swapping insurance details after crash
14th May 2014

When Bebington resident Mr Sarson was involved in a car accident that was not his fault, he turned to Camps Solicitors to help him to pursue a claim for car accident compensation. Fee earner Lynne Macintosh-Jones and her team were able to put together a case for Mr Sarson.

The car accident occurred on Church Road in Bebington one morning in 2007. Mr Sarson was driving along this road when another motorist drove into the rear of his vehicle, shunting him forwards and damaging his car. Shortly after the accident Mr Sarson began to feel pain in his neck and back. When he was having his car repaired at a local garage following the accident, Mr Sarson found out that Camps have a track record of helping people just like him to receive the compensation claims to which they are entitled.

After Camps Solicitors heard about Mr Sarson's accident, we began the process of making a claim for personal injuries compensation on his behalf. An appointment with one of our client liaison officers was arranged to help Mr Sarson to fill in the forms necessary to help him pursue his claim. We also arranged a private medical examination with a specialist doctor to examine the extent of his injuries. The medical evidence from this examination formed the basis of the case that was assembled by Lynne and her team at Camps Solicitors' offices.

As the case progressed Mr Sarson was kept updated by phone and was advised of all the important milestones in his case. Thanks to the work put in by Lynne's team, Mr Sarson's claim was successful, and he received £2,526 in compensation for his injuries and the time he spent off work following the accident. Speaking after he received his compensation cheque, Mr Sarson said this about the service he received from Camps:

"I highly recommend that you try Camps Solicitors. Everything was so incredibly easy, they did everything, taking out the hassle and stress that accidents normally bring. They offer full support answering each and every question put to them. If you require an update on your case you can access your files via their web site 24 hours a day. In the event of an accident I would not hesitate to use them again, they are the best. Prove it yourself without risking a single penny and I promise you will not be disappointed."