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Back injury after worker fall

3D animation of sore spine
14th May 2014
A back injury as, well as a fall that was so severe it was enough to cause the death of a worker, could give rise to compensation claims.

The news comes as a Nottingham firm has been fined £100,000 after one of its workers was killed and another injured in two separate falls from height.

52 year-old Brian Collins from Mansfield, was setting up abseiling equipment to paint one of the chimneys with two other workers at Sutton Bridge Power Station.

Disaster struck however, when the man from Nottinghamshire fell through an open grating in a platform on the chimney, on March 13th 2008.

This caused Mr Collins to fall 34 metres, in an event that saw him tragically die at the scene.

Central (High Rise) Ltd, based at Thoresby Avenue, Sneinton, Nottingham, was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) last week, for failing to protect its employees.

The company is also liable for another accident at work suffered by a man working for the firm at Nottingham Castle.

On 14 August 2009, two employees were performing maintenance on the rocks below the historical site.

And to reach some debris on a ledge, they attempted to abseil down but did not use a safety line.

The first worker reached the ledge safely, but the second worker, who has asked not to be named, experienced an uncontrolled fall.

He plummeted between eight and ten metres to the ground, with the back injury he suffered seeing him break a bone in his spine.

Leicester Crown Court heard the company had failed to make sure the work at both locations was carried out safely - putting several employees at serious risk.

At the castle, the company also failed to ensure the work was properly supervised.

In the circumstances at the power station, Central Ltd also failed to make a proper assessment of the risks, and to properly manage and monitor the work.

Central Ltd pleaded guilty to one charge in relation to the death of Mr Collins and one charge in relation to the incident at Nottingham Castle.

As well as the fine, the company was ordered to pay £32,000 costs.

Inspector for the HSE, Martin Giles says: "Falls from height are the biggest cause of workplace deaths and it's crucial that employers make sure work is properly planned, appropriately supervised and that sufficient measures are put in place to protect staff from the risks."

Reported by Fiona Campbell.