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Arm injury caused by forklift incident

Arm in cast after accident
14th May 2014
A personal injury claim could be sought by a teenager after he was left with a broken leg and a long-term arm injury after the forklift truck he was operating fell on top of him.

The victim – who has chosen not to be identified – was working for Intelligent Recycling in Nuneaton a year ago when the incident occurred. Whilst unloading a vehicle, the forklift overturned and pinned him to the ground, breaking his left lower leg, dislocating his left ankle and causing serious damage to his left elbow.

Despite spending close to a month in hospital, in which time he had five operations on his arm injury, he's no longer to fully straighten the arm, which will have implications for the rest of his working life, which could strengthen his case for making a personal injury claim.

The claim can come now that a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation has found that Intelligent Recycling were in breach of a number of health and safety rules, including not giving the victim any formal training on the forklift truck and no induction. This was not an isolated case either, as the HSE found that other employees had also worked without proper training and the yard area was left unsupervised.

After the company was fined £4,000 at Nuneaton magistrates' court, HSE inspector Michelle Morrison remarked that "forklift trucks are involved in nearly a quarter of all workplace transport accidents, often because of poor supervision and inadequate training," adding that "all companies that use lift trucks must train operators to a minimum standard set by HSE. Intelligent Recycling failed to do this."

The victim in this case should take heart from another recent incident when an employee was injured by a forklift truck and received £5,000 in personal injury claim compensation. In this case, the unnamed victim was working in a cage on top of the forks which slipped and when the driver tried to remedy the situation, he merely succeeded in hitting the man in the ribs, causing them to break and requiring him to take three weeks off work.

If you suffer an injury that wasn't your fault, be it at work or elsewhere, you could make a personal injury claim to help you meet your medical costs or cover bills if you are unable to earn for an elongated period as a result of your injury.

Reported by Fiona Campbell