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Action on Mesothelioma Day 2018

Liverpool Town Hall, Friday 6th July

15th May 2018

This year, Action on Mesothelioma Day will be held on Friday 6th July 2018. Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer caused by asbestos. On Action Mesothelioma Day, people gather in cities across the UK to remember those who have died from this disease, and to campaign for justice for all asbestos victims.

The Liverpool event will take place at the Liverpool Town Hall commencing at 11am and continuing to 3pm.

Action on Mesothelioma Day 2018 takes place at Liverpool Town Hall on July 6th between 11am and 3pm

Action on Mesothelioma Day seeks to raise awareness around the plight of those diagnosed with Mesothelioma, while helping people to understand the great danger that asbestos poses today, and how historical use can still have dire repercussions for the future.

The UK has the world’s highest diagnosis rate for mesothelioma with an average of 2,700 new cases diagnosed each year. This number fell by 7% between 2015 and 2016, but there is still quite some way to go. According to Cancer Research UK, as many as 94% of mesothelioma cases were preventable.

The UK has the highest diagnosis rate of Mesothelioma World Wide, with an average of 2,700 new cases diagnosed each year. 94% of which were preventable.

Action on Mesothelioma Day is of particular importance locally, given the legacy left by heavy industries such as ship-building and ship repair on the Wirral and across Merseyside; as all those connected with shipbuilding and repair were frequently exposed to asbestos during their day-to-day work. In fact, the risk was not just to the workers but to their wives and children at home who were exposed to asbestos-contaminated work clothes brought home by the men.

Shipbuilders in Merseyside would often carry home asbestos fibres on their clothing, exposing their families to the danger unknowingly

Unfortunately, the risk is not confined to those working in heavy industry but can also affect those in ancillary trades such as roofers, electricians, plumbers etc. This year, mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases have found their way to the forefront of legal thinking after The Court of Appeal handed down judgement in Bussey v Anglia Heating Limited [2018] EWCA Civ 243 and dismissed the Defendants arguments that the admitted asbestos exposure suffered by a plumber was not negligent. The Judgment has given hope to sufferers of the asbestos-related disease, and the victim’s families; where previously a claim may not have been possible, there may now be an opportunity for them to seek redress.

For victims, it means that the technical defence usually used by Defendants and their insurers to deny justice to mesothelioma victims and their families is no longer available.

Solicitor and Department Manager for Asbestos, Joanne Candlish, said that:

“The dangers of Asbestos exposure have been known for a long time, so all employers have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions whether or not official guidance is given on thresholds for exposure, good employers should be proactive in safeguarding their employees as soon as a risk is understood to exist. Unfortunately, not all workplaces give health and safety practices the time and attention they deserve, and ultimately, it’s their employees that suffer. Action on Mesothelioma Day hopes to raise awareness of these preventable diseases so that future generations don’t have to worry about the prospect of having their lives cut short by asbestos exposure.”