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Accident at Work £65,000 Claim

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14th May 2014

Camps Solicitors have successfully recovered compensation for one of our clients, Mr. Dwyer, who was injured in an accident at work. Mr. Dwyer’s claim was handled by our solicitor Ged Jones, who leads a team of legal staff dealing with hundreds of compensation claims every year brought by people injured through no fault of their own. Mr. Dwyer’s claim did not cost him a penny, as all of the legal costs for his claim were recovered from his employer’s insurance policy.

Mr. Dwyer’s accident occurred at his workplace on an industrial estate near St. Helens, Merseyside. He was working as a transport supervisor at the time, and was instructing a colleague to load goods onto a delivery lorry. At the time of the accident, Mr. Dwyer had parked his own lorry and was giving instructions to his colleague. As he turned to walk away, a forklift truck driver mistakenly reversed into him, crushing his leg under the forklift and causing him serious injuries including broken bones in his foot, ankle and leg.

Home visit from our client liaison officers

Camps have several work accident specialists on our legal staff, so when we heard about the circumstances of Mr. Dwyer’s accident, we immediately suspected that there may have been serious lapses of health and safety policy at his workplace. Therefore we knew we could help. Our solicitor Ged Jones took on Mr. Dwyer’s claim, arranging for him to receive a home visit from one of our client liaison officers, who took the details of his accident and helped him to fill in the forms authorising Camps Solicitors to work on his behalf to recover the compensation he deserved.

As Mr. Dwyer had suffered injuries in his accident, Camps Solicitors arranged for an independent medical professional to produce a report on these injuries. This report estimated the length of time Mr. Dwyer would take to recover from his injuries and played an important part in later discussions as to the level of compensation his injuries merited. After the medical report was received by Camps Solicitors, discussions took place with the insurance company representing Mr Dwyer’s employer to decide on the size of accident compensation settlement.

The compensation you are entitled to for your injuries

Eventually a figure of £65,000 was reached to compensate Mr. Dwyer for the very severe injuries he had suffered, and the impact of the accident upon his ability to work. After he had received his compensation, we asked Mr. Dwyer to make some comments on the service he had received from Camps; this is what he had to say:

"I was badly injured at work by a forklift truck driver who did not comply with Health and Safety directives and as a result, I had to undergo emergency surgery at Whiston Hospital to save my lower leg and foot from possible amputation. Camps Solicitors obtained an interim payment from my employer’s insurance company to reimburse me for the 9 months loss of earnings I incurred during my recovery. They also arranged physiotherapy that was not available via the NHS.

A second operation that I required was carried out a private hospital so that I did not need to endure the additional pain due to delays on an NHS waiting list. The expert advice I received from Ged Jones and his team during my recovery helped myself and my family through a very difficult time.

The substantial compensation I received has made me feel that my employer took my injuries very seriously and I can invest the compensation to safeguard my family in future – if my injuries result in the necessity to retire early.

I would recommend that anyone injured at work, or in a road accident should contact Camps Solicitors to ask them for help and advice. They are excellent at what they do and will work very hard to ensure that you are given the health care you require to make a good recovery and you receive all the compensation that you are entitled to for your injuries."