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A pain in the neck: Why you should never ignore the symptoms of whiplash

Cartoon representing whiplash
15th October 2014

Whiplash and whiplash related disorders can have serious consequences for their victims, with many people suffering from serious pain for weeks and months after a car accident takes place.

Many victims are forced to stop working as a result of the crash, with a large number unable to continue their day-to-day lives as usual, spending a worrying amount of money on transport and medical costs while pursuing treatment.

To show the seriousness of whiplash, and to help those who suspect that they may be suffering from the painful injury, we’ve put together the following infographic outlining the causes and symptoms.

Symptoms of whiplash infographic

Whiplash is a serious injury which can cause severe back pain, compress the spinal nerves, tear the muscles in the neck and increase the risk of headaches.  The severity of whiplash has, however, been called into question by the insurance industry, which has been lobbying for changes to the small claims system that would prevent those with lower cost whiplash claims from being able to take their case to court and be legally represented.

Lobbyists argue that reform is needed in order to crackdown on fraudulent claims, pointing to a so-called ‘compensation culture’. Your Legal Friend has always argued that things have been blown out of proportion by the insurance sector and that unfounded assertions around compensation culture and fraudulent whiplash are putting genuine claimants at risk.

If current proposals to increase the small claims court threshold are taken through by Government, innocent victims will be denied access to justice and rightful compensation.

Your Legal Friend knows that things need to change but not at the expense of genuine whiplash claimants.

We feel strongly about driving down false whiplash claims, which is why we support medical consultations for whiplash claimants as we believe they could be the key to ensure that genuine claimants continue to receive a quality service.  We believe that everyone who suffers with whiplash should undergo a medical assessment as part of their claim process. When an insurer makes pre-medical settlement offers, they’re not only undermining their own bid to address fraudulent claims, but they’re also increasing the chances of genuine claimants missing out.

If you think that you’re suffering from whiplash symptoms following a car accident, it’s important not to ignore your injury in the hope that it goes away. As our infographic shows, problems can escalate if whiplash goes untreated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your situation. Our team of friendly and experienced solicitors can work with you to gain suitable compensation for your injuries. 

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