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Cartoon of van crashing into a motorbike

I sold my motorbike – do I need to cancel my insurance?

5th December 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

When selling your motorbike, it’s important to contact your insurer to let them know that you won’t be using it anymore. It’s not uncommon for motorcyclists – or former motorcyclists – to receive a call several months after selling their bike to say that they owe money to their insurer.

Driving selfies: a fatal phenomenon

Driving Selfies: A fatal phenomenon

19th November 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

It is common knowledge that calling a friend or sending a text while driving is dangerous, but it seems that many wouldn’t think twice about taking a photo of themselves behind the wheel.

Despite the obvious risks involved, a concerning number of people have been taking part in the #drivingselfie craze that has swept social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

Cartoon doctor showing x-ray

The most common whiplash myths debunked

7th November 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Whiplash is the most common injury associated with car accidents, but the pain doesn’t stop with whiplash itself. It can lead to a number of other disorders that can cause a serious amount of pain and suffering for victims following a crash.

A lot has been said about the validity of whiplash claims over recent years, with many stating that the cost of compensation is placing a burden on the insurance industry and innocent drivers.

In this article we’ll separate fact from fiction to establish what whiplash is and how it can affect you long after you’re involved in an accident. 

Cartoon of two people after crash

How to take action after a car accident

3rd November 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Being in a car accident can be devastating, and even if you aren’t injured, it’s not unusual to feel shaken afterwards. A car accident can make you feel a wide range of emotions including shock, guilt, fear, nervousness and anger. You may also start to worry about how you are going to pay for any damages and get back on the road again.

Cartoon representing whiplash

A pain in the neck: Why you should never ignore the symptoms of whiplash

15th October 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Whiplash and whiplash related disorders can have serious consequences for their victims, with many people suffering from serious pain for weeks and months after a car accident takes place.

We’ve put together the following infographic outlining the causes and symptoms of whiplash.

Car bumper after a crash

Making a claim after a car accident: your questions answered

10th October 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Getting back on the road again after a car accident can be difficult. Some may find themselves having to pay expensive car repair costs and others may feel nervous when driving again for the first time. But for some, the effects of a car accident can be long lasting. 

Man fastening seatbelt before driving

Failure To Fasten Seatbelts Still A Significant Accident Risk

6th October 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

The compulsory wearing of a car front seatbelt came into force in Britain on 31st January 1983 and at the back of a car from 1991. As a consequence, over the next twenty years more than 50,000 lives were said to have been saved from death or serious injury when involved in a road traffic accident (RoSPA).

There are an estimated 36 million drivers on today’s roads (according to the RAC Report on
Motoring, 2014), so it’s all the more astonishing that a new survey by LV Insurance has found some 6 per cent of UK motorists are still not wearing a seat belt when driving their car.