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YLF win a spa break for two

Win a luxury spa break for two

31st March 2015

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Have you got a friend or relative who has shown you some special care recently? Perhaps they've nursed you to health through a bad cold, or helped with the hoovering when you've had your leg in plaster.

Doctor looking stressed

NHS in crisis: Is the UK healthcare service at breaking point?

27th March 2015

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Over 90% of medical professionals have concerns about the standard of treatment offered by the National Health Service (NHS) according to the British Health Report 2015.  Yet despite these concerns, 81% of the general public say they feel safe in the hands of the NHS.

Woman in pain at doctors

The most shocking clinical negligence cases of 2014

13th March 2015

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

In recent years the scale of clinical negligence compensation claims made against the National Health Service (NHS) has been described as ‘unprecedented’. 

Cartoon of a driver and cyclist

Cyclists and video technology: Can helmet cams support compensation claims?

15th January 2015

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Despite campaigns to promote sharing the road, there seems to be no sign of a ceasefire between cyclists and drivers. The war between the two is nothing new but the fact that cyclists are much more vulnerable on the roads than motorists has led many to question whether it is a fair fight.

Office Christmas Party Infographic

18th December 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

Whilst the rousing office ‘do’ can be a great morale booster – for some small businesses, it can occasionally end in disaster. Our Infographic Explains...

Cartoon of van crashing into a motorbike

I sold my motorbike – do I need to cancel my insurance?

5th December 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

When selling your motorbike, it’s important to contact your insurer to let them know that you won’t be using it anymore. It’s not uncommon for motorcyclists – or former motorcyclists – to receive a call several months after selling their bike to say that they owe money to their insurer.

Driving selfies: a fatal phenomenon

Driving Selfies: A fatal phenomenon

19th November 2014

Posted by: Your Legal Friend

It is common knowledge that calling a friend or sending a text while driving is dangerous, but it seems that many wouldn’t think twice about taking a photo of themselves behind the wheel.

Despite the obvious risks involved, a concerning number of people have been taking part in the #drivingselfie craze that has swept social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.